On 25th August 2018, it was reported that Sichuan Radio and TV University (Sichuan RTVU) will launch a three-year free educational promotion project targeted at low income families, grass-roots cadres, and teachers in Litang, aimed at alleviate poverty in Litang County. The project aims to help 200 students.

A group of college students graduating

Due to the shortage of professionals and the low development of education, industry, and economy, it has been slow and the difficult to realise overall poverty-relief in Litang. In the face of this situation, Sichuan RTVU has actively exerted its advantage of systematic school-running and distance education. Relying on its professional training team and complete talent training system to carry out degree education, professional training, and intellectual support, it has cultivated a group of grass-root cadres, professional and technical personnel, and rural teachers.

From 2018 to 2020, Sichuan RTVU will launch a three-year free educational promotion project targeted at low income families, grass-roots cadres, and teachers in Litang. The planned admission number is 200 students and the financial input is about CNY 1.58 million. The first session will start in September 2018. In the future, Sichuan RTVU will work with the requirements of Litang County and use its advantages in distance online education to carry out technical training for cadres, teachers, and farmers in Litang in terms of information technology, vehicle maintenance, agriculture, and animal husbandry technology.

At the same time, Sichuan RTVU will integrate a variety of educational resources into its educational system, provide assistance for the construction of computer rooms and cloud classrooms, provide books and reference materials, aid in the transformation of information technology, and improve the learning centre of Litang Radio and TV University to create an important base for degree and non-degree education in Litang, so Litang can develop practically by relying on its own talents.

In addition, in order to carry out the assistance measures of “one policy for one neighbourhood”, the working team for poverty-alleviation of Litang County from Sichuan RTVU conducted thorough field research in Mangkang village and plans to invest CNY 400,000 to aid construction of Mangkang, teaching in night school of farmers and herdsmen, providing student subsidies to poverty-stricken students, and putting anti-poverty projects into practice.

Each Party general branch of the university provides targeted assistance for two to four low income families and carries out assistance work for Party branches and Party members and cadres.

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