On 14th July 2018, Shandong Radio and TV University (Shandong RTVU) launched its summer vacation social activities in the targeted village with the theme of “Supporting Poverty-Stricken Villages Through Teaching Aid”.

According to relevant requirements proposed by the Youth League Central Committee and the provincial Youth League Committee, Shangdong RTVU university Youth League Committee contacted the targeted village in advance in order to find out about the local area. Based on this information, they decided that educational support should focus on talent and skill training for the students in the village. A teaching aid team was also established by Shandong RTVU, consisting of two teachers and seven college student volunteers, which was approved by the provincial Youth League as a key service group for carrying out 2018 summer vacation “poverty-alleviation” social work for Shandong college students.

During the educational support period, the teaching assistance group was divided into two teams to carry out talent and skill teaching such as mandarin, hard-pen calligraphy, music, and dancing at Zhugezhen Nanmenlou Primary School and Zhugezhen No. 2 Central Primary School. The teachers also tutored the students on their assignments during the vacation. The dedication and unselfish commitment of the teachers and volunteers was recognised by the students and parents in the targeted village.

In addition, the teaching aid group also conducted revolutionary education and visited the homes of poverty-stricken families.

Relevant responsible personnel from Shandong RTVU said that the teaching aid activity fully implemented the ideal of “Supporting Poverty-Stricken Villages Through Teaching Aid” proposed by the Youth League Central Committee and the provincial Youth League Committee. It was also a practical demonstration of the rural rejuvenation strategy of the university Party Committee and made contributions to the all-around development of students in the targeted village.

By Shandong RTVU