Recently, the Qingdao Bureau of Education announced the establishment of new education centres, with Qingdao Radio and Television University (Qingdao RTVU) being among those selected.

In March 2018, the Bureau brought together an expert panel at Qingdao RTVU to review and recommend possible centres. Through discussion, reports, investigation of training files, and onsite inspection, it conducted a complete review of teacher training in the last two years, and carried out comprehensive assessment of nine level-one and thirty-one level-two indicators, as well as of sixty-six potential teacher-training sites. The panel concluded that school leaders pay a great deal of attention to teacher training, that the training programmes have obvious advantages, with standardized management and varied objects and methods, and that the trainees gave good feedback. In short, it gave the Qingdao RTVU a favourable assessment, while also recommending improvements.

Since 2016, the Qingdao RTVU has undertaken approximately seventy training programmes, covering information security, IT skills, English-language training for rural teachers, new-teacher training in the Shinan and Shibei districts, financial training for Education Bureau staff, principal and core-teacher training for low-performing rural schools, logistical-support-personnel training for primary and middle schools, and training in the publication of news and other information within the education system. A total of 6,780 trainees have passed through the programmes, which emphasize enhancing both the ethical awareness and professional skills of teachers, and integrate online and offline approaches. They include seminars, teaching practice, simulations and on-the-spot training of a variety of skills and at a variety of levels, receiving praise from both managers and teachers.

Qingdao RTVU staff have stated that the university would take this as an opportunity to increase investment in education, exploit its education resources, and provide more education courses and services to contribute to the construction of teaching teams.


By Qingdao RTVU