On November 6, 2016, the Guangzhou "Realising Dreams of Further Education" achievement exhibition was held at Luhu Campus of Guangzhou RTVU.

Through seminars and an exhibition board, the exhibition fully demonstrated the employees’ quality construction project’s strong presence in Guangdong, in particular, the steady achievements and innovative measures implemented in the "Realising Dreams of Further Education" action plan.

Since 2010, Guangzhou Federation of Trade Unions has actively worked to set up an effective mechanism for encouraging the employees to participate in learning and training, promoting the construction of a continuing education model with Guangzhou characteristics, which was financed by a third-level trade union and had a complete policy chain. By relying on the Guangzhou RTVU employees education website, Guangzhou Federation of Trade Unions introduced the flexible education model of "learning part-time without leaving the post", setting up staff education service centres in the businesses, providing exclusive teaching plans specially tailored for the staff according to the characteristics of the enterprise, "bringing training subsidies, education programmes, and services to the staff". Since 2013, Guangzhou Federation of Trade Unions has been allocating RMB 10 million yuan in special funds for three consecutive years to assist in improving front-line staff quality. In 2016, RMB 15 million yuan was set aside to help 10,000 front-line employees to join degree education, with a subsidy of RMB 1,500 yuan for each person. According to statistics, by 2015, a total of more than 30,000 employees have received the subsidies from the third-level trade union.

A day earlier, Esquel Group, Guangdong Sanyuan McDonald's Food Co., LTD, and GAC MOTOR held the opening ceremony of 2016’s "Realising Dreams of Further Education", demonstrating the achievements and plans of "bringing education into the enterprises". By Nov. 2016, the number of staff at Esquel Group who joined in the degree enhancement programme reached 760; Guangdong Sanyuan McDonald's Food Co., LTD, 378, with those who qualified for the application of subsidies also getting subsidies from the trade union. Over 500 staff at GAC MOTOR have been enrolled into the programme, and the trade unions at various levels of the company will provide a subsidy of nearly RMB 3,500 yuan for each person.

Director of Higher Continuing Education Division of Department of Vocational and Adult Education under the Ministry of Education Gao Yang, director of Staff Education Division of Publicity and Education Department of All-China Federation of Labour Peng Yi, deputy secretary of Party Committee of Guangdong Federation of Trade Union and inspector Guo Zeyu, executive vice chairman of Guangzhou Federation of Trade Union Zhong Cheng, deputy inspector of Guangzhou Education Bureau Shao Guoliang, vice president of the OUC Liu Chen, Party secretary of Guangzhou RTVU Gong Hongwu, President Li Wenfei, Vice President Xiong Jun, and other heads were present at the activity. Over 1,000 people attended the activity, including representatives from all districts of Guangzhou, enterprises, directly-affiliated units, teachers, representatives of the class of 2016 who are members of the Guangzhou staff quality enhancement programme, and freshmen staff representatives. The meeting was presided over by minister of Publicity and Education Department of Guangdong Federation of Trade Union Song Shanbin. At the symposium, the leaders listened to the report on the implementation of "Realising Dreams of Further Education" undertaken by all federations of trade unions of the districts of Guangzhou and how they carried out continuing education for the staff. They also put forward some requirements on the action plan.

At the achievement exhibition, the guests awarded the certificates and scholarships to outstanding students, and issued graduation certificates from the OUC to the representatives of the graduates. After two and half years of study, the first batch of 1,043 students who received subsidies from Guangzhou Federation of Trade Unions and who were educated by Guangzhou RTVU were graduated successfully, obtaining the certificates of a junior college degree or bachelor degree. Meanwhile, another 1,630 freshmen set foot on their new journey of learning. The representatives of graduates and freshmen respectively introduced the gains of going to university via the action plan and their expectations for the future.

Before the exhibition, the relevant leaders visited Esquel Group, McDonald Guangdong Headquarters, and GAC MOTOR. They carried out field inspections on the staff quality construction and the implementation of "Realising Dreams of Further Education" of these three companies.

20 reporters from the central news agencies and mainstream media of Guangdong delivered follow-up coverage on the action plan.

By Guangzhou RTVU