On the afternoon of Oct. 21, 2016, an opening ceremony was held for the “i-Ecological Vegetable Garden” developed by Fujian RTVU at the university’s Zuohai campus.

OUC Vice President Zhang Shaogang, director of Vocational and Adult Education Division, Education Department of Fujian Provincial Government, Zhuang Weilian, president of Fujian RTVU, Chen Xingyan, and vice president of Fujian RTVU, Shen Guanghui, unveiled the plaque at the opening ceremony. Relevant leaders responsible for community educational demonstration areas at the national and provincial levels, and responsible heads from community colleges and schools as well as nearby residents all participated in the ceremony.

The construction of “i-Ecological Vegetable Garden” is intended to develop a brand project for the experiential base of Fujian RTVU’s community education through activities such as the demonstration of planting, teaching and the exchange of healthy agricultural products. Furthermore, it will give play to Fujian RTVU’s dominant role in community education so as to further contribute to the development of community education and the construction of the lifelong learning system in Fujian province.

Staff of “i-Ecological Vegetable Garden” were briefed on the garden’s basic status, design ideal and its future operation model. The public was treated to explanations on the process of sowing seeds, fertilising, watering and maintenance of various types of vegetables in the garden.

By Fujian RTVU