Recently, an event to select “Outstanding Civil Servants in Zhejiang” was jointly launched by the Organisation Department and the Propaganda Department of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Departments, and the Provincial Civil Service Bureau. Eight civil servants from Lishui city won the “Outstanding Civil Servants” honour, including three alumni from Lishui Radio and Television University (Lishui RTVU), Wu Jinhua, Ye Xuewei, and Deng Chaoping.

Wu Jinhua, a 2002 undergraduate student who majored in computer science and technology at Lishui RTVU, is a member of the Party committee of the Disabled People's Federation and director of the Education and Employment Department at Lishui RTVU. He has been committed to the cause of disabled people for 24 years and has been warmly referred to as a "mobile dictionary" by disabled workers and disabled persons. As a handicapped person, although he usually doesn't travel a lot, he insists on visiting disabled families and poverty alleviation bases every year in order to get first-hand information. In view of the main problems experienced by the disabled, he has put forward projects such as special subsidies, monthly living allowance, affordable housing projects, and support (safety) projects. He has implemented policies to feasibly solve the practical problems and difficulties faced by disabled people. He has been named a “National Advanced Individual” for his work for the disabled by the State Council's Working Committee for the Disabled and has also received an honorary title as an advanced individual for disabled people in Lishui by the Party Committee and the municipal government.

Ye Xuewei was a registered audio and visual student in the Law major at Lishui RTVU in the class of autumn 1998. He is now the director of the Office of Justice in Wenxi under the Judicial Bureau of Qingtian County. Over the past few years, he has not only participated in various dispute mediations, but also summarised a "Five-Character Mediation Work Rule", integrating listening, sorting, arguing, mediating, and decision making, based on his many years of mediation experiences. He uses this Five-Character Mediation Work Rule to guide the mediation work of the mediation committees in the townships, villages and enterprises in Qingtian County and trained over 1,000 mediators in more than 30 classes. As a "pacesetter" working at the grass-roots level in the city, he has been invited by other counties or cities to give lectures to grass-roots mediators. He has actively participated in the central work of the government and made proposals to the government. He has been praised as an advanced individual in “large-scale mediation” work in Lishui, “Outstanding Zhejiang Person and Judicial Administration Worker”, Director of the National Model Judicial Office, an advanced individual at the 10th anniversary of Rule of Law in Zhejiang, and a National People’s Model Mediator.

Deng Chaoping, an undergraduate student in Administration Management from the class of autumn 2012 at the Suichang branch of Lishui RTVU, is now the deputy director of the social career development centre of Hushan Township People's government, Suichang County. Since he joined the township civil service team in 2014, he has constantly expanded his study, accumulated knowledge, enriched himself, and forged his ability to serve the people. He began as a village leader and actively engaged in policy problems in key projects. With his solid work style and boldness in overcoming obstacles, he has taken the lead in solving a number of problems and reviewed a number of long-pending petitions, many of which have obtained consent from local leaders and the masses. During the landslide at Su village, Beijie Township, Suichang County, he volunteered to on the front lines of the rescue site and helped to comfort victims of the disaster, as well as aiding post-disaster reconstruction and resettlement of the victims. He was praised for his efforts by the party committees and governments at all levels, as well as the people of the area. He was awarded a first class administrative reward for his contributions to the disaster relief effort. He has also been awarded such honours as “excellent civil servant of Suichang” and “excellent Party member of Suichang”.

By Shi Leifen , LiShui RTVU, Zhejiang