Teachers and tutors from the Tianjin Radio and TV University (Tianjin RTVU) recently visited rural villages in Wuqing district and the rural school for adults there, bringing free learning cards and setting up high-quality learning resources to help enhance the skills and educational level of farmers in the area.

“We have already established long-term service in the Jinghan and Wuqing districts, giving out a total of 4000 lifelong-learning cards to give villagers access to over 10,000 micro-lectures specially produced for farmers on the Tianjin Lifelong Learning Network, with course contents including rural technology, flowers and plants, handicrafts, and many others,” said Zhang Chong of the Binhai School of Tianjin RTVU. “We will spread this service to other rural areas as well, aiming to cover all the rural villages in Tianjin.”

Rural revitalisation is essential to allowing millions of farmers fulfill their yearning for a better life, and a major breakthrough in the “villages, farmers and agriculture” aspect of the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Tianjin RTVU is closely attached to the national rural revitalisation strategy. The Tianjin Lifelong Learning Network is helping introduce digital resources and other technology there to benefit farmers and assist in the overall process of revitalising the countryside, expanding its service to villages, rural enterprises and individual farmers to promote the harmonious development of lifelong learning for both rural and urban residents, and continue to establish a foundation for rural revitalisation.

“The Tianjin Community Education Guidance Centre, affiliated with Tianjin RTVU, is focused on education of the elderly, of teenagers, and of farmers practicing modern farming methods. It has been vigorous in its development of rural education, applying the RTVU’s advantages in terms of technology and organisation, and aiming to promote the integrated development of urban and rural community education,” said Lu Shifa, director of the Tianjin Community Education Guidance Centre.

By Tianjin Daily

Edited by Yan Jingzhen