Ningbo Radio and TV University’s (Ningbo RTVU) “Blooming New Silk Road” international cultural exchange platform has been successfully approved as one of the first batch of units that will jointly build a Belt and Road international educational cooperation platform based on social and culture exchange.

The city of Ningbo’s joint development of the Belt and Road international educational cooperation platform was launched by Ningbo Municipal Education Bureau with the intention of helping higher education universities and their affiliated schools to strengthen the width and depth of cooperation with countries along the Belt and Road route. It strives to develop a batch of platforms with greater international influence supported by physical projects so as to establish an enduring and effective mechanism and serve the development of a national-level Belt and Road comprehensive trial area in Ningbo and serve the future development of China’s Belt and Road programme.

The “Blooming New Silk Road” cultural exchange platform created by the Lifelong Education Department of Ningbo RTVU relies on Red Pony School and Huaqiao School to carry out the development of a bilateral exchange platform of in Bulgaria and Slovenia. Ningbo RTVU will leverage the university’s strengths to emphasise the development of five bilateral cooperation projects: featured cultural courses, Internet+ platform, teaching team, study-tour programme, and exchange forum. It is expected that Ningbo RTVU will explore a new model for innovating Chinese culture and international education, create a unique cultural and educational brand, and develop its bilateral exchange platforms with Bulgaria and Slovenia into a cultural exchange centre, an education service centre for overseas Chinese, and an online education centre.

Responsible personnel from Ningbo RTVU indicated that the creation and development of the “Blooming New Silk Road” cultural exchange platform is an innovative measure taken by Ningbo RTVU for the purpose of implementing a transformation and upgrading strategy, as well as facilitating the development of the open university and making Ningbo into a “famous city.” The university will push ahead with the implementation of the plan and the development of the brand, making this programme a driving force for the advancement of the university as a whole.

By Ningbo RTVU