On the afternoon of 4th January, 2018, the inauguration of the“Dalian RTVU Sunshine School,” jointly built by the Dalian Radio and TV University (Dalian RTVU) and Dalian Disabled Persons' Federation, was held in the multi-purpose hall of the Vocational Skills Training Centre for Disabled Persons in Dalian.

90 invitees, including leaders from both sides, such as Party secretary Jiang Li and the council director of the Dalian Disabled Persons' Federation, Yu Guoxi, the secretary of the Party committee of Dalian RTVU,interested RTVU faculty and staff, including disabled students, and staff from the Dalian Disabled Persons' Federation, attended the ceremony.

The establishment of the“Sunshine School” is one of the important measures taken by Dalian RTVU and the Dalian Disabled Persons' Federation to implement the Party's directives at the 19th CPC Congress to assist the economic and social development of Dalian and meet the increasingly diverse educational needs of disabled persons.

In June of 2008, the Dalian RTVU School for the Disabled (the predecessor of the“Sunshine School”) was established. Over ten years, the School has enrolled 381 disabled students, of whom 341 have graduated, and has made outstanding contributions to their educational careers. The foundation of the“Sunshine School”starts a new chapter in degree education for disabled persons in Dalian, creatively moving to a model that integrates degree education with non-degree education, and expanding the students it will serve to include both disabled students and their relatives, greatly remodeling the structure of higher education for disabled persons and satisfying the multi-level and diverse educational needs of disabled persons in Dalian.

Dalian RTVU and the Dalian Disabled Persons' Federation state that both sides will work together to further support and encourage education for disabled persons, and to promote education for special groups as well as continuing education, enabling disabled persons to have equal access to higher education and lead happy lives.

By Dalian RTVU