At 7:49 in the morning of Wednesday 14th April 2010, a 7.1-magnitude quake struck Yushu county of the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province. The radio and TV universities (RTVUs) around the country were deeply saddened to hear of the disaster, and pulled all our strength together to provide support and assistance to Yushu Radio and TV University.

Yushu Radio and TV University is located in the town of Jiegu, capital of the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yushu, which was one of the worst-hit areas. According to incomplete statistics, the quake has left more than 30 students and 7 teachers dead (including one retired teacher). Moreover the situation of students and teachers still buried under the ruins is still unknown. Yushu Radio and TV University is conducting rescue operations. Many students and staff members have been injured, and school buildings and teaching facilities have been badly damaged. The teaching and learning activities have been forced to be suspended at the moment.

After hearing the news, the Open University of China (OUC) immediately contacted Qinghai Radio and TV University and Yushu Radio and TV University to inquire about the safety of the teachers and students of Yushu Radio and TV University as well as about the damage caused. The OUC summoned an emergency meeting afterwards and decided to donate 100,000 yuan to Yushu Radio and TV University. Meanwhile, the National Centre for Open and Distance Education of the OUC also donated 100,000 yuan to Yushu Radio and TV University for buying medicine, tents and other relief materials. The OUC has rushed out 1000 sets of the serial lecture DVD Go with Love—Psychological Aid for Mental Suffering after Crisis and Disaster, and sent them to the quake-hit areas.

Qinghai Radio and TV University itself proposed the initiative of calling on donation to the stricken-area, and dispatched two teachers to the rescue team organised by the provincial education department for providing psychological care and support in the disaster area.

Chengdu government delivered a donation to the area, and at the same time, it sent a relief team of 150 militiamen to Yushu county to help with rescue assistance. Among these there were 120 students of Chengdu Radio and TV University majoring in logistics. They had already flown to the area with the team at 7 pm on 14th April.

Tianjin Radio and TV University also donated 60,000 yuan to Yushu Radio and TV University through the local Red Cross Society. The open universities in Guangxi, Sichuan and other provinces sent telegrams expressing their sympathy and concerns to Yushu Radio and TV University along with the assistance activities organised at the same time.

The hearts of the staff of open universities around the country were one with the hearts of the people in the calamity-stricken area. Everybody wholeheartedly was extending a helping hand to them in various ways to support the rescue and relief work conducted there.

Background Information:

Yushu Radio and TV University is a new star in the system of radio and TV universities in China. Since the establishment of the Yushu Workstation of Qinghai Radio and TV University in 1995 to its upgrading as Yushu Branch School of Qinghai Radio and TV University in 1998, it has developed fast and finally became the "Yushu Radio and TV University" in 2001. Since it is located at the origin of the three rivers of the Yangtze River, Yellow River and Lantsang River, the Yushu Radio and TV University is called the "Radio and TV University on the Roof of the World".