The afternoon of June 3rd 2016 witnessed the plaque awarding ceremony between Ningxia Radio and TV University (Ningxia RTVU) and Ningxia Xinbai Modern Logistics Co. Ltd., establishing an educational base integrating the functions of production, study, and research. Vice president Liu Yaorong, Ding Jinying, responsible personnel from relevant departments, teachers from the logistics management programme from Ningxia RTVU, responsible personnel from associated sectors of the enterprise, and internship students from the 2014 class attended the ceremony.

At the ceremony, Liu Yaorong introduced Ningxia RTVU’s faculty and its field training base construction, etc., conveying the university’s focus on establishing off-campus internship and field training base as well as its expectations of forming the mechanism of “multi-organizational and multi-format” co-construction by both the university and enterprise. It is also hoped that the university can conduct cooperation with Xinbai Modern Logistics Co., Ltd. to promote mutual development in the aspects of production, study, and research so as to broaden its learner development model. General manager Zhao Jun from Xinbai Modern Logistics Co., Ltd. briefly introduced the company status and expressed his gratitude to Ningxia RTVU for sending interns to the company in recent years and his expectation of further in-depth cooperation with the university. Ningxia RTVU’s vice president Ding Jinying conferred the “Base of Production-Study-Research” plaque to Xinbai Modern Logistics Centre.

After the ceremony, the attendees took a tour of the company’s climate controlled warehouse and its equipment, understanding the fundamental operation of the warehouse and the overall status of the logistics company. The construction of the base of production-study-research system symbolizes Ningxia RTVU’s new exploration and practice in school-enterprise cooperation. Both the school and the enterprise are embarking on a new adventure, positively cooperating with each other in the aspects of student enrollment, employment, title sponsorship in learner development, field training, internship, learner dispatch, teacher practice, skills identification, social training, product R&D, technical problem-solving, topic research, etc., genuinely enabling both the school and enterprise to enjoy complementary advantages, resource sharing, mutual benefits, and development.

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