From May 30 to June 3, 2016, various departments of Haiyan College of Zhejiang Radio and Television University (Zhejiang Haiyan RTVU), including the academic affairs department, visited Shen Dang, Baibu, and other township level tutorial centres, carefully listening to the introduction of this semester's face-to-face instruction and online course tutoring offered by the tutorial centres. Through visits and interviews, the university gained a more in-depth understanding of the teaching work in the tutorial centres, and also had a chance to listen to the views and suggestions on the rural college student training programme from first line teachers.

Since the autumn of 2005, Zhejiang Haiyan RTVU has adjusted to local social and economic development needs and established tutorial centres in schools for adult education at the township level, providing a convenient option for rural college students to study close to home. Training has been provided to nearly 2,000 rural college students majoring in rural area administration and agricultural economic management, providing strong personnel support for rural development in Haiyan. This semester, there are a total of 311 rural college students on campus, accounting for nearly 20% of current open education students at Haiyan RTVU.

Haiyan RTVU has always attached great importance to the teaching and management of the rural college student training programme. Over its long term of teaching practice, it has explored a "One Two Three" management model with special features. "One" refers to "One Educational Practice Base", that is, to establish an educational practice base for each specialty where curriculum teaching is combined with practical teaching activities to enhance the students' practical operational capacity. "Two" means "Two Class Tutors", namely, each tutorial centre is equipped with two class tutors, with one class tutor managing the students assigned by the centre itself and the other specifically assigned to each tutorial centre as a guidance class tutor by Haiyan RTVU. This has established a double guarantee system for both educational administration and teaching. "Three Starting Points” refers to, firstly, a focus on the special meetings in every semester to put teaching and educational administration management into practice; Secondly, to solve difficult teaching problems through teaching and research activities; Thirdly, to focus on all kinds of evaluation in order to continue to lead the way in innovation. Practices have proved that, with the collaboration of Haiyan RTVU and the tutorial centres, the college student training programme, which is aimed at training new farmers and improving their qualities, is fruitful and rewarding.

Great importance was attached to the visit to the tutorial centres by the leadership of the adult education schools. The leaders, together with the class tutors, analyzed the present situation, the characteristics, and existing difficulties of teaching in the rural college students’ cultivation programme. They expressed that they would continue to capitalize on the advantages of the programme, put more resources into enrollment, and carefully select and employ down-to-earth experts as tutors so as to promote the continuous improvement of the teaching quality and cultivate more rural talents who grasp certain knowledge and master agricultural technology for local areas.

By Zhejiang RTVU