In order to help military veterans with their employment as well as comprehensively improve their employ-ability, Sichuan RTVU implemented a vocational education and skills training programme within its local schooling system for military veterans in Sichuan province.

To fulfill the aim, Sichuan RTVU started to fully implement the “College Student Veteran Programme” in the spring of 2016. A series of measures have been adopted to ensure the programme will be well grounded and effective. Firstly, regular enrollment policy also applies to the enrollment work for a veteran’s degree education, such as exemption from entrance examination, and open enrollment for both semesters. Secondly, strengthening overall management of enrollment and teaching to better serve veteran students. For instance, the proper handling of contradictions between the veterans’ demands and their academic abilities, helping them select majors and make study plans according to their individual circumstances, and establishing exclusive classes for veteran students which will be under special management. Thirdly, tuition is partially reduced or waived for veterans enrolling in junior college and undergraduate programmes at Sichuan RTVU.

With these positive efforts undertaken by the Sichuan RTVU system across the province, a total of 200 veteran students have been admitted for the spring 2016 semester and each veteran student has benefited from the favorable tuition policy, steadily stimulating the “College Student Veteran Programme” within the Sichuan RTVU system.

By Sichuan RTVU