Between April 4 and 8, 2016, the 7th WIETE (World Institute for Engineering and Technology Education) Annual Conference on Engineering and Technology Education, and the 4th Mediterranean Seminar on Engineering and Technology Education, were held at the Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus in Athens, Hellas, Greece.

Dr. Tan Mingjie, Associate Professor at the Information Technology Centre and Director of the Online Education System and Information Management Research Centre at Sichuan RTVU, was invited to present his paper at the conference, as well as host one session.

Through the joint patronage of WIETE and the Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus, scholars from over 12 countries attended the conference, including Australia, Canada, Greece, Portland, Finland, Slovakia, and the United Arab Emirates. In the opening ceremony, Professor Zenon J. Pudlowski from Monash University, Australia, Professor Lazaros Vrizidis, President of Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus, Professor Adinarayana Kalanidhi, Vice Chairman of the Commonwealth Science and Technology Academy for Research in India, Professor Daniela Pusca from Windsor University, Canada, and others, delivered welcome speeches and made keynote speeches on the topics of the application of new technologies in teaching, academic accreditation and recognition, etc.

During six sessions over the three-day conference, attendees presented academic reports on the topics of teaching practice, research, and innovation in engineering technology education, and conducted academic exchanges and discussions. On the morning of April 6th, Professor Tan Jieming gave an academic report entitled, The Influence of Maker-movement on Engineering and Technology Education, answering questions from other scholars. The report has been published in the academic journal sponsored by WIETE, and recently been searched for in EI (JA) databases. Professor Tan also hosted one of the sessions.

Dr. Tan Mingjie has established contact with international scholars through such conferences that will lead to future cooperation.

By Sichuan RTVU