A conference to commend outstanding migrant workers and advanced work units for migrant workers across China was held in Beijing a few days ago.

Member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China’s Central Committee and Premier Li Keqiang gave important instructions, stressing that it is necessary to make efforts to stabilize and expand the employment of migrant workers, and to effectively safeguard their labor rights, so as to enable them to benefit from China’s development. At the meeting, the State Council’s Leading Work Group for Migrant Workers commended 981 national outstanding migrant workers, among whom were five alumni from Zhejiang Radio and Television University(RTVU). Their studies at Zhejiang RTVU have made them knowledge, technology and innovation-based workers.

The five alumni are Liu Yimin (Jiangshan Branch,Zhejiang RTVU), the “excellent” repair technician of Zhejiang Jiangshan Chemical Co. Ltd;Wang Dongyong (Jiande Branch), the “conscientious” emergency responder of the Safety and Environmental Protection Department of Zhejiang Xin’an Chemical Group CO. Ltd.; Ni Xianglian (Tiantai School), the “self-motivated” manager of Tiantai Yongsitang Chinese Medical Herbs Planting Co.; Yuan Hejun (Lin’an School), the “Chief Technician” and tool fitter of Hangzhou Zhengchida Precision Machinery Co. Ltd.; and Yu Xi (Anji School), the “modern Lu Ban” and workshop director of Zhejiang Yongyi Furniture Co. Ltd.

In recent years, Zhejiang RTVU has effectively implemented the CPC’s education policies, carrying out the basic task of moral education; actively adapting to the new norm of economic development; exerting its advantages of systematic school organization, teaching materials and the distance teaching platform; and insisting on leading entrepreneurship through innovation and thus driving employment through entrepreneurship. Having recognized the development path of rural distance education, the university has conducted an in-depth exploration of the effect of higher education in providing human resources support for rural areas; made profound explorations in such aspects as the development concepts of distance education, a training system and mechanism for farmers education, and a rural employee training model; and set up an effective mechanism to train farmers. These endeavors have promoted the close integration of distance education with the rural economy, technology, and society. The university has successively established 62 pilot units for training farmers and more than 150 teaching practice bases, actively rallying support from all levels of government and relevant departments,and has invested a total of nearly RMB 100 million to subsidize farmers to go to college. It has recruited over 30,000 farmers as student annually. 

The university convened a national level academic round table centering on the theme of “Human Resources Support for Development and Reform in Rural Areas”; held forums to appraise and select top ten farmers; carried out professional skills contests and entrepreneurship programme design competitions; invited social science experts to go to the grassroots and “order-based”skills training projects for young migrant workers; and set up bookstore and reading demonstration areas in rural areas. This has trained a larger number of innovative personnel who are equipped with an innovative spirit and are willing to“stay for and be devoted to social practices”, constantly enhancing distance education’s contribution to stabilizing growth, promoting reform, adjusting structures, and benefiting people’s livelihood. The university’s efforts have won first prize for teaching achievements in the province. 

A representative of the winners, Liu Yiming, said that,“During my time at the RTVU, I not only gained knowledge;I also learned methods of doing things.Problems like how to plan ahead and plan for work and learning; how to plan and coordinate to deal with all of the problems occurring in my studies and my work; and how to be adept in thinking and effectively integrate theoretical knowledge and work experience in practice, were solved when I entered the RTVU. These challenges have helped me develop from a migrant worker into a skilled new industrial worker and throw myself enthusiastically into the tide of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, which is much more valuable than theoretical knowledge alone.”

By Zhang Zhishi,Zhejiang RTVU