On January 7, 2015, Liupanshui Radio and Television University (Liupanshui RTVU) presented a morality lecture based on the topics of "filial piety, honesty, and trustworthiness".

The activity was designed to instruct students in showing love of their parents, experiencing deep love from parents, and their great selfless affection; letting students know why they should be filial to parents, and care for the elderly; and helping students learn how to understand their parents, respect their parents, show consideration and care for parents, and get along well with their parents. 

Lecturer Chen Lu introduced the theme with the song "When You Are Old", and then played a video meant to let students feel a mother's love. After this, the students were asked to tell stories about loving and respecting parents. Through the video, the students learned about the moving deeds of advanced individuals: He Qifang cared for eighteen elderly people who weren't even related to her; Meng Peiqi went to school, bringing along her foster mother. She never left or gave up on her sick mother. Their moving deeds helped students appreciate that it is not easy to be a parent and that they should understand and care for parents and be filial to them. Chen Lu also quoted the old sayings to emphasize the importance of filial piety. During the activity, the host also let the students take the initiative to discuss the good persons and deeds, talk about their inner feelings, feel the power of morality, and set personal goals for improvement. 

After the activity, the participants said that as children they should be sure to show respect to the elderly, and be especially conscious of being more filial to parents. "Of all virtues, filial piety is most important". "The tree may prefer to be calm, but the wind will not subside. The son would wait on his parents, but his parents have passed away". "Treat both old and young people like our own family members". We should keep these old sayings in mind. These sayings will bring great benefit in shaping one's personality. 

By Zhang Shoumei, http://www.wenming.cn/