The National Natural Science Fund (NNSF) recently formally approved Shaanxi RTVU as an “NNSF Supporting Institution” (Guokejinfaji〔2015〕No. 93, registered code: 71006815A0253).This means that faculty of Shaanxi RTVU will be able to independently apply for NNSF research subjects as members of an NNSF supporting institution and participate in scientific research activities at the national level.

In recent years, Shaanxi RTVU has attached great importance to scientific research. The university has presented two research topics at the national level for the Ministry of Housing’s science and technology demonstration project “Demonstration Project of Digital Campus Community Construction.” The RTVU has also completed 18 projects at the provincial and ministerial levels, 156 at the municipal level, including crucial digitization of development projects for the Shaanxi Industry and Information Technology Department entitled “Intelligent Education (Digitization of Mobile Phone Intelligent Distance Education).” Shaanxi RTVU has also made major innovations in technology through a Shaanxi Science and Technology Department project entitled “Mobile Phone Education Platform Development and Application Based on Modern Information Technology.” Shaanxi RTVU has a total of 166 faculty dedicated to fundamental research, 29 of whom have senior professional titles, 52 of whom have secondary senior professional titles, and 85 who rank below deputy senior professionals.

Shaanxi RTVU’s qualification as an NNSF Supporting Institution indicates that Shaanxi RTVU’s “Innovation-Driven” strategy has made significant new achievements and reached a higher platform for developing a first-class, innovative university.

By Shaanxi RTVU