Decades ago, it became popular for young people to go to RTVU for college studies.

However, with the development of various distance education programmes, the “RTVU tide” gradually faded out. Even under such circumstances, Zhongshan RTVU managed to keep its enrollment rates stable since its founding thirty-three years ago. Recently, a micro-film entitled “Chasing Dreams Down the Moon Mountain”, which was adapted from real experiences of Zhongshan RTVU students, became very popular on the Internet. Students and faculty of Zhongshan RTVU produced and starred in it themselves, striking a responsive chord in the hearts of “RTVU people” nationwide. 

“Dad, mom, I want to go to Zhongshan RTVU, where I can study my favorite computer programme and go to class in the evening as well.” This is the opening line of the film, in which Li Tingting expresses her wish to go to RTVU to her parents. Then she and her parents visit Zhongshan RTVU and register her for enrollment. Following the girl’s journey, the audience is able to experience RTVU’s beautiful campus environment, diversified courses, well-equipped exercise rooms, etc. Just as depicted in the film, RTVU is a place not only for academic studies, but also a platform for making friends and expanding one’s network, helping young people to realize their dreams. 

According to the introduction of Zhongshan RTVU, the five-minute micro-film was completed entirely by university students and faculty on their own, including compilation, shooting, editing, etc. It is said that the initial purpose for making such a film was to publicize the real image of RTVU to more people. The character of “Li Tingting” is based on true stories of thousands of RTVU students and accurately epitomizes their experiences. 

Zhongshan RTVU was established in 1982 and has over 11,000 registered students. Graduates of undergraduate and junior college programmes over the past 40 classes have amounted to 50,000. In addition, Zhongshan RTVU vigorously developed non-degree education, having held various short-term training classes for senior accountants, logistics managers, and purchasers amounting to nearly 200,000 persons. 

(The film is adapted from real experiences of RTVU students. Link of micro-film “Chasing Dreams Down the Moon Mountain”

By Zhongshan Daily