Zhejiang Radio and Television University (Zhejiang RTVU) recently held a briefing on the progress of the construction of the credit bank for lifelong education in Zhejiang Province.

Related sectors in Zhejiang RTVU gave reports related to the advancement of credit bank construction, information platform management, and the development situation of the portal website, the online management centre, and the online service hall. They demonstrated the core function modules and main business processes including the establishment of learners’ credit bank accounts, the deposit and conversion of learning results, and issuing certificates of learning outcomes.

Since the Department of Education of Zhejiang province issued a document in January 2015 supporting the establishment of a credit bank for lifelong education in Zhejiang province and setting up the credit bank management centre in Zhejiang RTVU, Zhejiang RTVU has gathered human, material, and financial resources to focus on advancing the credit bank construction, established a "leaders’ group for promotion of credit bank construction", conducted in-depth research on the current state of credit bank construction around the country, studied and designed the target positioning, main functions, business type, operation columns, organizational structure, and service system for the credit bank for lifelong education in Zhejiang province, drafted a construction plan and its related regulations, completed the bidding for construction of the information platform for the credit bank, and smoothly advanced the development of the web portal, the online management centre, and online service hall. Currently, the development of the first phase of the information platform for the credit bank has basically been completed and has entered the testing phase. The construction of the first group of lifelong learning archives is currently underway, with Zhejiang RTVU serving as a pilot unit for degree education and Zhejiang provincial Drug Control Committee as a pilot unit for non-degree training. In the near future, credit bank “accounts”for more than 300,000 learners will be established, with nearly 250 professional information entries, more than 13,000 entries on various learning outcomes, and over 3,000 entries on academic record transfer and conversion being “deposited”.

Ye Hong, President of Zhejiang RTVU, pointed out at the meeting that positive progress has been made in credit bank construction, including construction plan design, drafting of rules and regulations, information management platform development, and the construction of the first group of learner archives. The clearly scheduled tasks, smooth communication, standardized construction, and smooth progress of the project has laid a good foundation for future work. Furthermore, he also expressed his hope and requirements for the construction of the service system experimental units, data connection of different types of lifelong learning platforms, forging of credit bank features, and publicity for the next phase.

By Zhejiang RTVU