On September 16th, Hainan Radio and TV University (RTVU) welcomed special guest Helge Hoivik, professor and director of the Latina/Lab of Oslo and Akersuhus University College in Norway. Prof. Hoivik gave an academic lecture titled “Multipurpose and Agile Approaches to Online Course Development” for all staff of Hainan RTVU. 

During his two-hour lecture that began by covering the background of digitalized distance education, Prof. Hoivik introduced the development of digitized learning and teaching of the Latina/Lab and its research projects on typical digitized learning. He also briefly analyzed the influence and trends of mobile learning and massive online open courses (MOOCs) on education. Prof. Hoivik presented the development model of online courses, as well as the agile approach and logic of production of online courses. He used intuitive pictures and videos to show the learning mode and environment of Oslo and Akersuhus University College. Prof. Helge proposed that distance education should place a greater emphasis on how to teach, rather than what to teach. 

The lecture stimulated thinking among teachers, who discussed with Prof. Hoivik issues including current platform software. Prof. Hoivik, a former Fulbright scholar, has been involved in designing and researching digitalized learning since the 1980s. His major research area is the development of mobile learning, digital textbooks, cloud computing, blended learning and teaching of MOOCs and game-based educational software. On September 2nd, the Latina/Lab of Oslo and Akersuhus University College in Norway was invited to join the Support Alliance for the OUC Research and Development Centre for the Integration and Application of Digital Learning Technologies, Ministry of Education, China. Prof. Hoivik was invited to be one of the members of the Technology Committee of the centre.
Helge Hoivik giving an academic lecture
University staff listening attentively to the lecture

By Chen Yuling, Su Xiaoyun