On October 26th, 2011, a symposium for the establishment of key research topics for 2011 was held at the Open University of China. The symposium outlined the research background, significance, goals and basic status of the topics.

The establishment of key research topics for 2011 is an effort to methodically tackle critical issues involved in building and reforming a national open university. This year, academic research will be focused on the following four areas: development strategy

of the OUC and its system and structure, informatization of education and resource construction at the OUC, talents cultivation and teaching reform, and internationalization of the OUC. These areas are broken down into 24 research sub-topics, including the concept of open education, theoretical basis for OUC education informatization, needs analysis of OUC adult learners, theories and methods for international development of the OUC, etc.


Lu Feng, the OUC