On 31 August 2023, a three-member delegation led by Ahmad Izanee bin Awang, president of the Open University of Malaysia (OUM), visited the Open University of China (OUC).

Wang Qiming, the Party secretary and president of OUC, along with Fan Xianrui, Party member and vice president of OUC, received the delegation. On behalf of OUC, Fan Xianrui signed a memorandum of cooperation with Ahmad Izanee bin Awang, president of OUM.

On 29th August, the ASEAN-China Digital Education Alliance was established during the China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week, which took place in Gui'an New District, Guizhou Province. Serving as the Secretariat for the Alliance, the OUC has effectively fortified multilateral communication and cooperation, thereby expediting the implementation of the Alliance's initiatives. The memorandum of cooperation signed between the two parties stands as a tangible outcome of the Alliance's efforts in fostering practical cooperation and bolstering bilateral trust.

The two parties engaged in discussions concerning open education cooperation, methods of credit certification, and findings from programme research. Both agreed that leveraging the unique characteristics and advantages of their open universities would serve as a strategic breakthrough. The focal point of this collaboration will be the sharing of micro-certificate course resources, adapted to each party's respective national conditions and actual needs. This will facilitate student engagement through credit accreditation and the joint issuance of certificates. The goal is to collectively construct and disseminate high-quality educational resources, thereby elevating the standard and efficiency of digital education on both sides.

In addition, conversations were held on the topics of language learning and inter-institutional exchanges. Both parties expressed a commitment to intensify the exchange of faculty and students in the future. Under the umbrella of the ASEAN-China Digital Education Alliance, they will continue to build consensus, foster friendships, and seek further opportunities for collaborative endeavours.

The delegation also toured the OUC's "Internet+ University" Exhibition Centre, as well as the exhibition space of the Senior University of China (SUC). Leaders from pertinent departments such as the International Department, the Information Technology Department, and the Engineering Centre participated in the associated activities.


Written by Wang Fei and Hou Songyan; photographed by Zhuge Huanyu