From 24-28 December 2019, at the invitation of Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University (PSU) in Kazakhstan, a delegation of four members from the Open University of China(OUC) visited Almaty and Pavlodar, Kazakhstan, and discussed cooperation with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Almaty) JSC, PSU, and NFC Kazakhstan LTD, a part of China Nonferrous Metal Construction Corporation Ltd. subordinate to China Nonferrous Metal Mining Group(CNMC) based in Kazakhstan.

The delegation visited the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Almaty) JSC, which provides services for Chinese enterprises in Kazakhstan and is familiar with the situation of Chinese enterprises in the country. The delegation had an in-depth meeting with the head of the company and gained a detailed understanding of the company’s local operation and training status.

The delegation visited and had a meeting at the Almaty Office of NFC Kazakhstan LTD and its headquarters in Pavlodar in order to understand the company’s current knowledge and skills situation and the training needs of Chinese and foreign employees in the company.

The delegation also visited PSU with directors from NFC Kazakhstan LTD and discussed matters related to tripartite cooperation on the construction of an overseas learning centre in the country. Akishev Arman Aytmukhanmetovich, vice president of PSU, and other relevant personnel attended the meeting. The proposed learning centre will offer elective Chinese language courses for students at PSU and provide Chinese language training for employees in Chinese enterprises. The three parties also communicated on other issues related to the learning centre including the operation model, teachers, equipment, and funding.

By Cao Xiaoyan,OUC