Recently, ICDE focused on planning development strategy for 2017-2020, holding ICDE executive committee conventional and special meetings via network video conferences to solicit extensive thoughts and suggestions from each executive committee member and members of their representative regions.


Their meetings ensured the smooth formulation of the latest ICDE development strategy. The International Cooperation and Exchange Department and Education Research Institute worked together during the seminar to prepare a 2017-2020 ICDE strategic plan. President Yang heard the report from the Education Research Institute and the International Cooperation and Exchange Department. After hearing the comprehensive report, president Yang instructed and clarified to further carry out specific tasks for in-depth research into new development strategy plan.

On May 31, 2016, president Yang attended the 2016 3rd Session of ICDE Executive Committee Meeting, participated in 18 different discussions at the ICDE New Strategic Plan, Doctor Alliance Programme, and 2016 President Summit, as well as listened to the work report of the chairman and secretary-general of ICDE. Participants at the events included chairman of ICDE and president of the University of South Africa, Mandla Makhanya, the chairman of Commonwealth of Learning Asha Kanwar, president of Contact North | Contact Nord (Ontario’s Distance Education & Training Network ) Maxim Jean-Louis, president of RMIT University Belinda Tynan, former president of Open University UK Alan Tait, and secretary-general of ICDE Gard Titlestad.

On June 14, president Yang attended the online focus group discussion on 2017-2020 Strategic Plan (Asia). As the Asia representatives, president Yang and chairman of Commonwealth of Learning Asha Kanwar co-presided over the discussion. Senior ICDE secretariat consultant Torunn Gjelsvik, AAOU secretary-general Dr. Kam-cheong Li, and president of Barkhat University (a private education institution in Iraq) Faridoon Shabani attended the discussion. At the discussion, president Yang expounded his views and opinions on the following issues: ICDE future development trends, the general and sub-objectives for development, positioning of the institution, membership services, current job evaluation and suggestions, and key areas of future activities. He emphasized that, in the future, ICDE should play a larger role in the quality assurance and evaluation of global online, open, flexible, and technology-enhanced education. ICDE should prioritize developing a global index system on distance education quality standards that serves as a reference and offers guidance to global distance education institutions that will carry out quality evaluation.

By Niu Ben, International Cooperation and Exchange Department, OUC