The 29th World Music Education Conference will be held in Beijing, 1-6 August 2010. The Open University of China (OUC) is busy organising a symposium as part of this conference on community music education, and preparing the community music concert.

The World Music Education Conference is famous throughout the world as the leading

conference in music education. This is the first time for China to host the World Music Education Conference, and the theme for this conference is "Harmony and the Future of the World". According to the agenda, seven symposiums will be held before the conference in Beijing. There will be over 60 concerts, nearly one thousand seminars, over 50 demonstration classes and a large exhibition on music culture. When the time comes, over 3,000 musicians and music educators from all over the world will participate in the discussions in various fields ranging from music education to music life centering on the theme of harmony. They will discuss how to make use of the harmony of music to promote equality and exchanges among different countries, regions, nationalities and people.

A symposium organised by the OUC is entitled "Community Music Education Creating Harmonious Sound", and will be held in Hangzhou, China, 27-31 July 2010. The following are the themes of our symposium.


  • Music in "Community Music"
  • Community in "Community Music"


  • History of "Community Music"
  • Examination of "Community Music"


  • Training of "Community Musicians"
  • "Community Music" and Conventional Music Education

"The Tian-Di-Ren (Heaven-Earth-People) Art Troupe" has been established by the OUC especially for "Community Music" concert. The OUC Community Music Education Centre has selected 20 programmes with distinct local features and ethnic cultural characteristics from the exhibition of national "Community Music" activity ( and programmes recommended by various social circles. These programmes were highly praised by the organising committee after their submission. The organising committee with much difficulty selected the best to participate in the programmes of the "Chinese quintessential and folk music", which will be staged in the Music Hall of the China Conservatory. The participants in the performance include 8 provincial and municipal radio and TV universities and communities across the country.