On 6 May 2024, a donation ceremony for the education and teaching equipment aid project from the Open University of China (OUC) was held at Li County Experimental Primary School.

Lu Ning, an education supervisor appointed by the Li County government, presided over the donation ceremony on behalf of OUC. Representatives from the Equipment Division of Li County Education Bureau, as well as principals, teachers, and student representatives from three recipient schools, including Li County Experimental Primary School, Li County Nancheng Primary School, and Li County Sanyu Nine-Year School, attended the event.

During the ceremony, Lu Ning, representing the OUC, donated education and teaching equipment worth 290,000 yuan to the three recipient schools. Zhang Guanbin, the principal of Li County Experimental Primary School, delivered a speech on behalf of the recipient schools.

Attendees expressed their appreciation, acknowledging that the OUC's contribution not only provided tangible support but also offered spiritual encouragement. This initiative demonstrates the OUC's commitment and responsibility in promoting the revitalisation of rural education. It will also contribute to the development of education in Li County, continuously inspire teachers and students to have the motivation and confidence to pursue their goals, and actively challenge themselves to achieve success in their endeavours.


Source: Li County Education Bureau, Longnan