Recently, the Open University of China (OUC), in collaboration with Chongqing Open University, hosted an aesthetic education lecture titled "Joyful Campus — Mr. Pang Zhonghua on Joyful Calligraphy" at its Chongqing branch.

Mr. Pang Zhonghua, a distinguished professor at the OUC School of Art and a renowned Chinese hard pen calligrapher, delivered a fascinating lecture based on his decades of experience in calligraphy. The event was attended by more than 300 individuals, including Guo Qing, the Party secretary of Chongqing Open University; Vice President Liu Changxiong; Yang Shoukang, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and Supervision Commissioner; Vice President Nan Xuguang; as well as faculty and student representatives from various branch schools within Chongqing. Professors Tang Yingshan and Niu Tao from the OUC School of Art also attended the lecture.

Professor Pang expressed his deep affection for the OUC during his recital of "My Love for You – A Song Dedicated to the OUC." Speaking warmly in the Chongqing dialect, Pang's heartfelt interaction with the audience moved every teacher and student present. In a clear and understandable manner, he detailed the history of Chinese calligraphy, its connection with music, the techniques of hard pen calligraphy, and the undergraduate major in calligraphy at the OUC. "Music is like flowing lines, while calligraphy is the melody in stillness. Both have rhythm," he explained. Accompanied by the soft sounds of the organ and his engaging commentary, Professor Pang introduced his "joyful writing" method to the audience, weaving in his own academic experiences to inspire the students to continually gather knowledge, practice diligently, and persist in their training. He remarked, "If you want your characters to be spirited, you yourself must be spirited." His speech received warm applause, and many were eager to engage further.

Tang Yingshan and Niu Tao, along with calligraphy teachers, senior officials from the School of Art and Design, and leaders of the educational administration department of the Chongqing branch, held discussions focused on enhancing recruitment and education for art-related majors at the Chongqing branch.

This lecture represents a practical application of the Project for Developing Students’ Core Competencies and the initiative to enhance aesthetic education across the entire OUC School of Art system. It has received enthusiastic feedback and widespread acclaim at the Chongqing Branch. The participants expressed their gratitude, commenting, "The lecture covered not just art but also lessons in life philosophy, patriotic education, and literature appreciation. We appreciate the meticulous organisation and the trust and affection from the headquarters!" "This gesture from the OUC is a gift that benefits both teachers and students."

Moving forward, the School of Art will concentrate on implementing the OUC's key objectives. It will commit to cultivating individuals through cultural and aesthetic education and strive to establish distinctive academic fields that integrate professional education with public aesthetic education.


By Niu Tao, OUC