On 11 April 2024, a delegation led by Li Song, a member of the Party Committee and vice president of OUC, visited the Anhui Seniors Open University for research purposes.

Accompanying them were Du Aiyu, secretary of the Party Committee and president of Anhui Open University, along with Fang Wen, president of Anhui Seniors Open University.

During the visit, Li Song and the team were briefed on the general operations of Anhui Seniors Open University and toured various specialized classrooms, including the Smart Living Learning Experience Hall, Calligraphy and Painting Studio, Baking Room, and Piano Room. Their research focused on topics such as digital resource development, elderly education research, the operational mechanisms of universities for seniors, curriculum design, teaching facilities, and educational management.

At the Smart Living Learning Experience Hall, the delegation explored practical teaching areas related to smart homes, smart health, smart finance, and smart transportation. They also engaged in interactive teaching using intelligent robots and smart blackboards. In the music room, they watched a teacher instructing elderly students in playing the erhu, with the students showing great interest and enthusiasm for learning folk musical instruments.

Additionally, the delegation visited the Digital Exhibition Centre at Anhui Seniors Open University, where they gained insights into the development of elderly education and remote learning for the elderly in Anhui Province. They also reviewed the achievements of the Anhui Institute of Aging Education and examined relevant materials.



By OUC General Office of Party and Administration