"Science Festival of CASAD: Popular Science Lectures by Academicians" held jointly by the Open University of China (OUC) and Work Bureau of the CASAD was concluded officially.

The event has achieved 8,489,000 views and 370,000 likes. The lectures have lasted 18,000 minutes.

9 Academicians' Lectures Presented Excellent!

The event featured video science lectures from nine academicians, encompassing a broad spectrum of subjects including the evolution of life on Earth, human interaction with the oceans, volcanoes, underwater acoustic technology, nuclear fusion, the digital economy, crop domestication, paleontology, and precision medicine. These lectures successfully combined the introduction of cutting-edge scientific and technological advancements with the popularization of fundamental scientific knowledge. They offered both theoretical narratives and practical demonstrations of principles. The activities were presented in a variety of engaging and informative formats, creating a platform for interaction and exchange between academicians and the public. This format allowed the audience to experience the allure of science in a more intimate and tangible manner.

1 special activity wins great popularity


Wang Yuan, curator of Paleontological Museum of China, explained paleontology to children.

On 11 November, Wang Yuan, curator of Paleontological Museum of China, was invited to participate in the event, leading children to explore the Paleozoological Museum and enter the wonderful world of paleontology. The interactive games successfully sparked young children's curiosity in paleontology, allowing them to discover the joy of science amidst laughter.

Presented in Multi-channel Communication

Students of Miyun No. 5 Primary School in Beijing watched the academician's popular science lecture through the Internet platform.

The event was disseminated online through multiple platforms. Some schools organised students to carry out offline learning of the lecture. The event offered the public an engaging and insightful journey into popular science, igniting their curiosity to explore the unknown while enriching their scientific knowledge.

Specialised activities to serve the popularization of science for all

The event originated from "Science and China - Video Lectures by Academicians and Experts", which was launched by the Work Bureau of the CASAD in cooperation with the OUC, and produced by the OUC Publishing & Media Group.

In December 2002, initiated by academicians Zhou Guangzhao, Lu Yongxiang, and other experts, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in collaboration with the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee and various organisations, launched the "Science and China" Academician and Expert Lecture Tour. Then, in February 2012, with the aim of enhancing the social impact of the "Science and China" Academician and Expert Lecture Tour and promoting lifelong learning for all, the Work Bureau of the CASAD and the OUC joined forces. They coordinated and cooperated to organise the "Science and China - Video Lectures by Academicians and Experts" initiative. Currently, nearly 100 academicians have engaged in this programme, delivering popular science lectures through the public service platform of the OUC.

The "Popular Science Lectures by Academicians" event is a significant demonstration of the OUC's commitment to implementing the principles of the 20th CPC National Congress. This initiative involves the development and sharing of high-quality, content-rich popular science courses presented in engaging formats. It serves to support the creation of a learning society and a learning nation, making substantial contributions to improving national scientific literacy, advancing the popularization of science, and promoting the development of a strong educational system.


By OUC Learning Resources Department (Digital Library) and OUC Publishing & Media Group