To learn the important guidelines put forward in the letter from General Secretary Xi Jinping to representatives of outstanding teachers ahead of the 39th Teachers’ Day and promote the construction of high-quality teaching forces, the Open University of China (OUC) held a celebratory meeting dedicated to Teachers’ Day of 2023 on 11 September.

Wang Qiming, secretary of the OUC Party Committee and president of OUC attended the meeting and delivered a speech entitled “Preach and Practice the Spirit of Outstanding Educators and Facilitate the Construction of a World-class Open University with Chinese Characteristics”. All the members of the OUC leadership attended the meeting.

Wang Qiming delivering a keynote speech

Wang Qiming presenting awards to employees with 30 years’ service in the education sector

Cao Guoyong, executive deputy secretary of the OUC Party Committee, presenting awards to teachers who excelled in the Second OUC Teaching Skills Competition

Fan Xianrui, vice president of OUC reading out the “decision on reward employees who have worked at the OUC and served in the education sector for 30 years”

Liu Xuanxuan, deputy secretary of OUC Party Committee, presiding over the meeting

Wang Qiming pointed out that in his letter to representatives of outstanding teachers, General Secretary Xi Jinping explained the meaning of the spirit of outstanding educators and encouraged teachers to regard them as role models and carry forward their spirit. All the faculty should study hard and deeply comprehend the important guidelines put forward in the letter ahead of Teachers’ Day and apply them to the construction of a world-class open university with Chinese characteristics. We should work hard and press ahead with the development plan of OUC. Firstly, we should have full confidence in ideals and firm faith in communism. Secondly, we should enhance our ideological level and moral sentiment. Thirdly, we should foster teaching skills and increase the wisdom that can be imparted to students. Fourthly, we should explore innovative education practices and devote ourselves to teaching. Fifthly, we should love our jobs and those we teach. Finally, we should extend our concern for students to the world at large, persevering in seeking truth.

Wang Qiming emphasised that that task of strengthening the ranks of teachers is a joint responsibility and obligation for the Party Committee, the departments, and the general faculty of the OUC. We should make great efforts to foster public respect for educators, encourage public support for education, and improve teachers’ abilities and qualifications in an all-round way by implementing timely initiatives to benefit and empower teachers. We should cultivate and build high-quality teaching forces to provide solid support for speeding up the construction of a great power in education and realising the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

At the meeting, employees who have worked at OUC and served in the education sector for 30 years and teachers who won a prize in the Second OUC Teaching Skills Competition were commended.

Yu Qijing, representative of outstanding young teachers, making a speech

Li Ruifu, a teacher serving as first secretary stationed in a village with excellent performance, making a speech

Li Song, vice president of OUC, leading more than 30 new employees in taking an oath

There were around 250 people present at the meeting, including the main responsible people from each department and teachers from each teaching unit.


Written by Yang Jianliao, photographed by Zhuge Huanyu, OUC