On March 18, 2023, the School of Art of the Open University of China (OUC) held an exchange on Wukesong Campus in Beijing as part of the “Online Oil Painting Commune”.

Professor Tang Yingshan and Associate Professor Zhao Guoping were joined by 20 “painting pals” from the OUC School of Art. Tang discussed the establishment of the Senior University of China, updating attendees on the shooting and production of “Art Master Lectures” to be launched by the OUC School of Art. The painting pals shared their experience of studying oil painting through the OUC. Professor Tang reviewed the works created by each of the painting pals, providing feedback on composition and other elements of landscape drawing.

The Online Oil Painting Commune is a non-degree programme provided by the OUC School of Art. With about 40,000 registered learners, the programme introduces total beginners to the world of art. It teaches them various brushstrokes while enhancing their appreciation and capacity to create beautiful art, forming an important platform for the OUC School of Art to carry out its programme of public education.

One disadvantage of distance learning education programmes is the sense of isolation that may be experienced by some students. The in-person meeting for painting pals is geared at overcoming this barrier. By bringing learners and teachers together, the event provided an opportunity to forge deeper emotional bonds between staff and students while promoting the OUC/SUC brand. The School of Art will continue to focus on meeting the requirements of the OUC by carrying out various educational and teaching activities to improve the artistic abilities of the public.


By Zhao Guoping, OUC