The Open University of China (OUC) holds annual reading campaigns to encourage book reading by all and support the construction of a “learning society”.

The 2022 event featured the enthusiastic participation of 7,641 readers from 43 branches, with 25 prizes for outstanding organisation (branch) and 25 for outstanding participation (individual) awarded. The six-month campaign was designed and planned by the OUC digital library and launched on World Book Day, 23 April. A special page was set up on the JD Reading app, with OUC libraries offering reading lists to teachers and students, covering e-books, reading tasks, and so on. 53,311 people participated and 16,258 books were read over 73,686 hours, enriching campus cultural life and inspiring enthusiasm for reading.


JD Reading app reading-campaign page


Readers finishing reading tasks

The annual OUC Reading Campaign, created by the OUC digital library, has been taking place since 2008 and has had over 10 million participants. It takes advantage of the OUC's strengths in terms of reading resources and platforms, and allows the university to promote the construction of national reading and lifelong-learning networks. The OUC digital library will continue to hold reading activities and to upgrade its content and services.


By Fu Bo, OUC