The Department of Student Affairs and Teacher Development of the Open University of China (OUC) and the OUC Faculty of Engineering and Science jointly held the “OUC Craftsman Cup” student numerical-control-skills competition from June to November 2022.

The theme of the competition was “skills to promote teaching and cultivate craftsmanship”. The event drew widespread attention within the OUC system, with 26 works selected into the finals after preliminary review by the OUC headquarters and experts.


 Exhibition of the entries 

On 16 November 2022, experts were invited to provide onsite review of the works entered in the finals. The panel consisted of craftsmen and senior professors from research institutes, Tsinghua University, Beijjing Institute of Technology, China Agricultural University, and North China University of Technology. Fair and objective evaluations were provided based on strict criteria following materials submitted by the competitors, such as info cards concerning the technology, processing source programmes, work accuracy, and three-dimensional test reports. Entries were awarded individual and group prizes.


Expert review onsite

The event examined, showcased and helped enhance the capabilities of students as well as  strengthen interactions between them and their teachers, and advance the training of dual-qualification teaching teams (teaching competencies and professional qualifications) so as to promote teaching reforms and training.


Written by Li Wei; photos by Liu Yang, OUC