On the afternoon of July 16, 2010, at the convention of the OUC Cadre and Faculty Representatives, Deputy Director of the Department of Personnel of the Ministry of Education Xu Tao announced the decision of the Ministry of Education Party Group to appoint Yang Zhijian the new president of the Open University of China (OUC).

Yang Zhijian gave his inaugural speech at the convention. He first thanked the party group for their trust in him. He also said that to be able to work at a university such as this was a great honor, but at the same time he felt a heavy weight on his shoulders. This weight mainly came from the nation's hopes and

demands of the OUC given its strategic goal of building a learning society, from the issues and challenges of internal reform and development at the OUC, from the pioneering work and accomplishments of Ge Daokai during his term as president, and from the trust and expectations placed on him by the party group and staff of the OUC.


President of the Open University of China, Yang Zhijian

As the new appointee at the OUC, Yang vowed to focus his efforts on the following: (1) To study hard in order to adjust to the transition and become familiar with his duties as quickly as possible; (2) To be modest and careful, seeking advice from others when possible and making collective decisions on large issues, to be industrious, honest, and reject corruption; (3) To work hard, to value research, to have a strategic outlook while keeping his feet on solid ground, to draft a scientific development plan that incorporates all sectors; (4) To be hands-on and, together with the staff, endeavor to further improve management of the OUC according to the basic requirements laid out in National Outline for Medium- and Long-term Education Reform and Development for building a learning society and managing an open university.


Yang Zhijian, born in March 1959, native of Cangwu, Guangxi, Ph.D. graduate. Formerly held long-term position in the Department of Higher Education, the Ministry of Education, before which he served as Deputy Director of the Department of Higher Education. Currently President of the OUC, directing the overall affairs of the university, Human Resources Department, Finance Department, Development and Planning Office (Education Management Information Center).