On October 20, 2016, OUC's work symposium on non-degree education & the 3rd session of the 5th executive council meeting of national open universities (radio and television universities) non-degree education association was held in Hangzhou.

At the conference, it was pointed out that the OUC would use the "National Continuing Education Base" that the OUC has established this year to hold the senior seminar of non-degree education management for the OUC system.

Ma Ruolong, director of Department of External Education and Professional Training, OUC, and 28 representatives from 12 executive council units of the non-degree education association attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by the secretary-general of the non-degree education association and director of School of Vocational Education and Training Wang Qifu.

Wang Qifu reported on the key work and its implementation for 2016. The participants discussed the goal and task of the association, as well as the working mechanism, objectives and tasks of the association branches. They all agreed that to help the association function well, first, branches of the association should be able to feature flexibility and solid work. Therefore, as director and deputy director units of the branches of the executive council units, responsibilities should be taken to lead and promote the work of the branches. The responsible personnel from executive council units said that they should carefully study the non-degree education development situation of the branch member units and adopt various forms of activities to promote the work of the branches so as to better manage the branches.

At the conference, they exchanged views and discussed issues concerning promoting the development of non-degree education. President of Qingdao RTVU Zhang Xike, vice president of Henan RTVU Ding Hucheng, vice president of Gansu RTVU Xiong Jin, vice president of Beijing Open University Shao Heping, vice president of Ningbo RTVU Chen Shu, vice president of Fujian RTVU Shen Guanghui, vice president of Jiangsu Open University Wu Jin, as well as representatives from the executive council units such as Open University of Guangdong, Chongqing RTVU, Information Security School, and School of Social Work exchanged views on their experience and measures in carrying out non-degree education, and put forward suggestions and advice on further promoting the development of non-academic education.

Ma Ruolong gave a summary of the meeting. He said that to effectively promote the transformation of open universities and improve the overall level of non-degree education practitioners in the open university system, the OUC used the "National Continuing Education Base" established this year to hold senior workshops on non-degree education management oriented towards the OUC system. The courses were arranged by theme, with theoretical and practical research, to improve the business expansion and management capability of core managers and pillar personnel involved in non-degree education in open universities.

The meeting was held at the invitation of and financed by Zhejiang Association for Human Resource Service. It was held at "China (Zhejiang) Human Resource Services Expo 2016". It was of great significance in understanding the development trends and market demands of human resource training, enlarging the vision of non-degree education, and seeking a breakthrough in its development. School of Vocational Education and Training participated in the Expo with Solutions for Double Enhancements of Credit Bank-based Enterprise Employees' Skills and Degrees to better serve the market and develop industry cooperation development opportunities, so as to better serve the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and employee growth/development. Additionally, at the invitation of Zhejiang Association for Human Resource Service, the participants visited the Expo to carry out an in-depth investigation, understand the industry and human resource training needs along with market trends.

By Dong Sujuan, OUC