On August 23, 2016, at the 23rd Beijing International Book Fair, OUC Press and Beijing Er Shang Group Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, over the next decade Beijing Er Shang Group will offer OUC Press cultural resources from more than 10 China time-honoured brands, including Liubiju, Wang Zhihe, and Yueshengzhai. OUC Press will help to promote China's traditional culture by publishing these cultural resources in the form of traditional and digital publications.

OUC Press has since organized the China Time-Honoured Brand Editorial Committee, responsible for selecting topics, soliciting contributions, and compiling/proofreading documents for all the media publications. The series of publications developed by the press will be based on content from 16 China time-honored brands and three state-level intangible cultural heritage organizations. OUC Press plans to edit and publish nine books on China time-honoured brands. Food critic Dong Keping is serving as general counsel of the project, Beijing bannerman folk gourmet Jiang Bo is serving as editor, and Beijing TV host Lu Wenlong is serving as chief editor of the series. A series of digital publications will also be developed. The first phase of compilation for the project has already launched. A series of books on Wang Zhihe will be the first to launch.

Chief editor of the OUC Press, Ren Yan, told reporters that time-honoured brands are a key part of China’s social and historical development. The brands have a long history and are imbued with profound culture elements. OUC Press hopes to capture spirit of the craftsmen who work for time-honoured brands. The China time-honoured brand series will adhere to the concept of "discarding the excess and selecting the essential" and "weeding through the old to bring forth the new".

The signing of this cooperation agreement is an attempt to create a crossover between publishing and enterprise. The two sides will leverage each other's advantages in terms of resources, brand, and channels to explore the value of China’s time-honoured brand and intangible cultural heritage, as well as the potential for brand extension. Time-honored brands are a treasured part of Chinese culture, and have profound cultural connotations. The aim of the cooperation is to explore the cultural genetics of the time-honoured brands, explore Chinese food culture, and pass on the culture of Chinese cuisine.

Chief editor Jiang Bo told reporters that folk customs are an established convention formed through common practice. Beliefs, customs, and cuisine are inseparable. The creation of a representative food requires a technical level of food production over a long period of time. The story behind these foods is often long and profound. The series of books will be based on historical facts and adopt storytelling, crosstalk, and other interesting forms of expression in the narrative description. Before the compilation of the series of books, the authors all visited the time-honoured brands to conduct an investigation and collect the relevant materials.

Deputy inspector of the Publicity Department of Beijing Municipal Party Committee of CPC Mei Song, chief editor of the OUC Press Ren Yan, Deputy Editor-in-Chief Li Shuo, Vice President He Yongjun, chairman of Beijing Er Shang Group Co., Ltd. Sun Jie, General Manager Wang Yao, deputy secretary of the CPC Party Committee Zhu Mingjing, and other relevant personnel attended the signing ceremony.

By Xu Ping, China News Press Broadcast TV Network (http://www.chinaxwcb.com/news/tushu/node_90.htm)