Since 2013, the Open University of China (OUC) has launched a series of special tasks, including the development of online core courses, the construction and application of the OUC Learning Network, and the creation of an online teaching team, in order to promote the reform of the “Six-Network Integration” of learner development model.

The “Six-Network Integration” learner development model is a learner-centric work process and model that supports online learner development and integrates online learning space, courses, learner support, learning assessment, teaching team, and teaching management. The model is guided by the lifelong educational concept, open and distance educational theories, and the idea of “Internet Plus”, which aims to cultivate massive applied vocational professionals and high quality workers.

Within the “Six-Network Integration” learner model, the online learning space is the foundation, the online learning course is the core, the online teaching team offers support, and online learner support, online learning examinations and assessments, and online teaching management provide conditions and services. The six networks integrate with each other, jointly promoting the quality of teaching and learner development in open and distance education.

Online learning space

The online learning space integrates core OUC support systems and platforms such as space system, teaching management system, learning platform, and examination platform. As of May 2017, a total of 3,780,000 student spaces, 47,000 teacher spaces, and 5,345 institutional management spaces have been launched.

Online Learning Courses

The OUC has explored the innovation of the course development model using the strengths of the industry, enterprises, and higher education institutions. It has realised all-in-one, full coverage of teaching, learning, examinations, assessment, and management, with the learning system modulated and structured to target different learners.

Online Teaching Team

The OUC has established a web-based teaching team, allocated teachers on a cross-regional basis, collaborated on other distance means of teaching, which have become efficient methods of learner support. To date, 188 online teaching teams have been established, of which 84 teams are from the headquarters.

Online Learner Support

The OUC uses the Internet to carry out academic and non-academic services to support its students’ learning process.

Online Teaching Management

An open, flexible online management platform with powerful functions has been built with the support of modern information technology. It comprehensively arranges and optimises teaching and examination management procedures in order to realise the in-depth integration of information technology and educational management.

Online Learning Examinations and Assessments

The OUC conducts web-based examinations and assessments of the learners’ learning behaviour, processes, and results. Web-based learning examinations and assessments should be promoted in order to implement personalised final tests.

Written by He Jing, Edited by Yan Jingzhen,