The technical infrastructure of the Open University of China (OUC) forms a “cloud-network-terminal” model based on the use of cloud computing technology to develop the OUC teaching application software system and various terminals.

Cloud Platform

The cloud platform provides online learning for four million students, supporting access by multiple terminals and creating a one-stop service for teaching, learning, management, research, and services.

In 2013, the OUC started the construction of cloud classrooms for the aid-Xinjiang and aid-Tibet projects, gradually pushing forward construction in western areas and old revolutionary base areas in central China. To date, more than 300 cloud classrooms have been completed.

Cloud classrooms have been used in teaching and tutoring work for over 200 courses, involving more than 1,000 teachers, with a total of more than 20,000 minutes of teaching and 50,000 minutes of videos (according to statistics from a partial sample of provinces).

Cloud Classroom

To support the construction of educational informatisation in west and central remote areas and spread quality educational resources to wider number of regions, the OUC has constructed more than 300 cloud classrooms integrating the functions of ordinary multi-media classroom, video-recording classroom, and distance video interaction classroom.

The OUC’s first “cloud classroom” was completed and put into use at Beihai RTVU on 21st May 2012. To date, cloud classrooms and control centres have been built in western areas such as Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai, and Gansu, realising the desired interconnection between the headquarters, branches, local schools, and study centres.

The “cloud classroom” supports functions like online face-to-face teaching, distance real-time teaching, real-time course recorded broadcasting, live online teaching, video conferencing, distance interviews and thesis defence, and online examination and examination monitoring. It promotes the sharing of quality educational resources, alleviating teacher shortage issues in remote areas. The cloud classroom also promotes and shares quality resources.


The OUC has developed a mobile learning app, gradually promoting it and applying it in order to adapt to the trend of mobile Internet development.

OUC O Learning Pad

“O Learning Pad” has been distributed to 19,000 students for the pilot mobile learning programme in Hunan.

Written by Sun Fuwan, Edited by Yan Jingzhen, OUC