The Open University of China, together with the Library Association of China, initiates the 2010 reading project of the China radio and TV universities Hand in Hand—A Reading Movement among Rural Youth.

The Movement will organise experts in the related fields through the Internet and other media to

publish book information on Agriculture, Rural Areas and Farmers; invite professionals to give lectures on specific topics and broadcast the lectures via the Internet or video; carry out book report competition with the theme of Nourishing Your Heart with Books; launch a demonstration site selection of rural youth libraries; start a research investigation into the status quo of popular science reading among rural youth, and analyse, summarise and release the results from the individual investigations made by each radio and TV university throughout the country.

The Open University of China will organise a book donation activity with the provincial radio and TV universities (RTVUs), and establish the "CRTVU Book Room" in rural demonstration sites. The OUC will put emphasis on displaying the advantage of the rich resources enjoyed by modern distance education as well as the digital libraries, give guidance to those provincial RTVUs which can meet the needs of providing multimedia and electronic library resources and services to rural youth, and carry out training for rural youth on how best to use the electronic library.

The movement will open a column on, for reporting the progress and publicising notices.