The First National Traditional Culture Enters into the Communities Micro Video Contest concluded in Xiamen on November 17, 2015, with 5 first prize, 10 second prize, and 15 third prize awards.

The competition was jointly organized by the Open University of China (OUC), China Conservatory of Music, Authorities of Canghai District, Xiamen, the Research & Training Centre for Community Education of the Ministry of Education (MOE), and the research group of “Research on Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture and Education”, a “Twelfth Five Year” key project of the national social science fund.

The First National Traditional Culture Enters into the Communities Micro Video contest kicked off in June of 2015 with the aim of implementing the “perfecting Chinese traditional culture and education”spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the CPC, building an inheritance system for excellent traditional culture, upholding outstanding Chinese traditional culture, and creating learning-focused harmonious communities. Since the launch of the activity, it has won wide acclaim and active participation from national community education experimental and demonstration zones, the OUC (Radio and Television University, or RTVU) system, and people committed to community education from all walks of life. A total of 513 micro videos were submitted by more than 200 units. The works were diverse in subject matter and rich in content, covering 9 categories and more than 80 performance forms, including classics of sinology, traditional morality, and folk culture.

All competition works and information relating to the activities were released in detail on the China Community Education Leaning Network and the Network of the Open University for Older Adults. In order to expand the influence of the competition, the organizing committee especially invited Youku and Tudou Video to cooperate and join hands with several online media sites and forums to help publicize the contest.

Through popular selection in communities, online broadcasting, and experts’ online and offline reviews, the preliminary assessment was completed before the end of October. 25 entries were selected for the finals, along with 32 "excellent works", 44 "outstanding entries", and 36 "organizational award" winners. 

The 25 selected for the finals were presented at a ceremony held in Canghai District, Xiamen, on November 15. The organizing committee invited 14 experts from the fields of community education, film and television, music, and traditional culture to form the evaluation committee. At the same time, in order to ensure the fairness of the competition, a contest supervision and examination group was also established. The final scene was unusually brilliant. The 25 competing teams and 5 special teams from around the country competed for 5 first prizes, 10 second prizes, and 15 third prizes through video playing, field presentation, talent show, and experts critique. 

The awards ceremony for the contest was held in the Theatre of the Cultural Centre of Haicang District, Xiamen, on the night of November 17. At the party, the world cultural heritage presentations of Nan Music Chorus, Chant in Minnan dialect and Hakka ballad medley were quite entertaining. The folk musician Gong Linna and her husband played and sang live renditions of Creeping into My Heart and Missing Silently at Night. In addition, Taiwan artists also participated in the event. The artists from across the strait jointly presented an audio-visual feast featuring Minnan traditional culture. 

The entry “Heritage and Development of Korean Dance”

The entry “Carrying Forward Traditional Culture, Demonstrating the Beauty of Cutouts in a Full Sense”

The entry “Special Charm and Ink Fragrance of Beijing Inherited in Shanghai Style”

Song Wenyi,the OUC