According to the spirit of the document “Notice on Carrying Out Teaching Inspection for Open Education in 2015” (OUC Evaluation, No. 4 ,2015) and based on the comprehensive self-examination recently organized by the OUC’s Experimental School in its affiliated units, from November 6th to 18th, 2015, Vice Presidents of the OUC Li Ling and Yan Bing led a team to conduct field teaching examination and research for Nanhai Experimental School, Taiyuan Experimental School, and Wantong Auto Learning Centre.

Among the field teaching examination and research activities in Wantong Auto Learning Centre, the examination group firstly investigated its Finished Vehicle Practical Training Hall, Auto Beauty Hall, the classrooms, computer rooms, and the ongoing theoretical teaching and practical teaching classes. Then the two sides held a teaching seminar. Participants of the seminar included the leaders, department heads, and tutor representatives from Wantong Auto Learning Centre, who reported to the examination group about their work and related existing problems and suggestions. 

Li Ling pointed out that the achievements gained by Wantong Auto Learning Centre in the last two years, especially the positive explorations in the aspects of quality awareness and cultivating student’s professional abilities, were quite positive. The OUC’s Experimental School would study and carefully resolve all problems and difficulties raised by the participants. The requirement related to the replacement of non-academic certificates with academic education courses reflected the potential demand of credit exchanges in the near future. The OUC vowed to further accelerate the construction and development of the credit bank. 

Yan Bing led a team to conduct field teaching inspections at Nanhai Experimental School and Taiyuan Experimental School. Through investigations at the main campuses of the two Experimental Schools and their affiliated learning centres and by holding discussions with teaching administrators, tutors, and students, the teaching examination group focused on inspecting the implementation of teaching process, tutors’team construction, and the progress achieved in the exploration of the learner development model for advancing “six networks integration”. During the examination, Yan Bing gave instructions for the function, positioning, and the future work development direction for Nanhai Experimental School and Taiyuan Experimental School. He further pointed out that their current primary task was to steadily advance their work on the basis of clear positioning, to positively promote innovative explorations on the basis of maintaining stability, and to continuously enhance their own overall strength in the process of transformation of the OUC, so as to better utilize information technology as a means to promote open learning and realize effective and qualitative learning. 

In order to better implement the learner development model for the OUC’s“six networks integration”,Yan Bing also led the Nanhai teaching examination group of Beijing Experimental School to visit and learn from the OUC’s Guangzhou Experimental School.The group listened to the introduction of experiences from Guangzhou Experimental School and discussed related work with them. 

The Dean of the OUC’s Experimental School Guo Qingchun expressed that, through the exchanges and discussions, the teaching inspection activity promoted a consensus, further defined the focus and direction of the experimental demonstrative exploration work to be conducted in the future as it relates to the progress of teaching reforms and the transformation and upgrading of the OUC, and reaffirmed his determination and confidence to firmly promote the reform of the learner development model for the OUC’s “six networks integration”. 

The site of the field teaching inspection conference for Nanhai Experimental School of the OUC

The site of the field teaching inspection conference for Taiyuan Experimental School of the OUC

The examination group visiting and learning from the Guangzhou Experimental School of the OUC

Liu Xiaoqian, Zhao Ying and Deng Ha,OUC