On September 25, 2015, the  “Distance Education Seminar,” sponsored by the Education Research Institute of the Open University of China (OUC), was held in Beijing. President Yang Zhijian and Vice President Zhang Shaogang attended the meeting and delivered speeches.


A number of senior directors, former comrades, and colleagues involved in the work at the Education Research Institute were invited to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the OUC’s Education Research Institute, formerly known as the Distance Education Research Institute of the China Central Radio and Television University (CCRTVU).

"In this golden autumn, we recognize the day of the 30th anniversary of the Education Research Institute of the OUC (formerly Institute of Distance Education of the CCRTVU). Leaders, colleagues, and friends, both old and new, gathered together to participate in research and discussions on distance education in order to memorialize the vicissitudes and years of struggle, the energy expended to enable our more effective work today, and to weave a brighter dream for the future of the OUC’s Education Research Institute." At the meeting, Professors Ding Xingfu and Ding Xin each shared their growth and experiences at the Distance Education Research Institute of the CCRTVU.

Yang Ting-Ting, a former director who personally experienced the 30-year development, also delivered a speech as a representative. She said that the Education Research Institute enjoys an excellent educational environment and has always adhered to an attitude of steadfastness in both life and work. She noted the rarity of such an attitude and requested all comrades, new and old, to cherish, and, as always, to adhere to the spirit of devotion in a silent way and continue contributing to distance education.

Wang Ying, Dean of the Education Research Institute, showed a series of old photos to review institute’s history. She also used vivid charts to introduce the institute’s main work and the composition of its personnel at present.

The former Vice President and Dean, Sun Lvyi, projected into the future with participants and expressed her high hopes. She expressed that, because the OUC has been empowered with the right to grant Bachelor degrees, the Education Research Institute should make more effort to enhance the level of research by teachers, constantly develop teacher teams while maintaining a strong political conscientiousness, pay close attention to developing trends in industries, actively carry out research in multiple subjects and directions and keep its leading status in the field of distance education research as well as its leading role within the university and the RTVU system.

President Yang Zhijian attended the seminar and delivered a speech. He affirmed the achievements of the Education Research Institute and encouraged everyone to strengthen scientific research conscientiousness, give more thought to combining research with teaching, further improve the impact of OUC research, and create new opportunities for research at the OUC.

In conclusion, Vice President Zhang Shaogang noted that both the OUC and the Education Research Institute are in a golden stage of development. Both should utilize their solid historical foundation to create a more powerful team and contribute to achieving new heights.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              By Mu Xingyan, OUC