On July 25th to 26th, 2015, the 3rd Seminar on the Reform and Innovation of Digitized Teaching at National Vocational Colleges & the Special Committee on Distance Education at Colleges and Universities’ "Integration of Six Networks" New Applications of Technology Show was held at the Beijing International Convention Centre.

The show was sponsored by the Guiding Committee of Digitized Teaching at Vocational Colleges under the MOE and co-sponsored by the Open University of China (OUC). Fifty-seven projects from the OUC and its 23 affiliated branches were displayed at the show. The splendid displays attracted many experts, scholars, and the essential teachers from vocational colleges across the country.

The new technological applications show was well-received, with strong support from the Open University of China (OUC) and its branches. Numerous OUC branches brought their initiatives to the show, despite all sorts of difficulties, including tight timeframes, heavy workloads, and the inconvenience of transporting display materials. The show covered varied content, including teaching, assessment, management, service, learner support services, the practice and innovation of scientific research, all across the backdrop of mobile applications. Project representatives introduced and demonstrated features and innovations in curriculum resources, platform construction, and teaching evaluation by using tools such as computers, big screens, projection, iPads, and mobile phones. They also had deep exchanges with vocational college representatives and colleagues from the OUC. The warm atmosphere and brilliant displays made the show both lively and colorful.

               Project representatives actively preparing their exhibits and equipment 

               for commissioning.

                                           On-site Exchanges and Learning


Hebei RTVU presented, “i-Experimental Teaching--Follow Me to Make Casual Clothing”, a community education serial micro-course with independent intellectual property rights which achieves the "three integration" learning mode.

Vice President of the OUC Zhang Shaogang, Guiding Committee on Digitized Teaching in Vocational Colleges under the MOE and Digitization Research Centre of Central China Normal University consultant Liu Yanshen, Deputy Directors of the Guiding Committee on Digitized Teaching in Vocational Colleges under the MOE Wu Maqun and Jiang Liping, Tsinghua University’s education technology subject leader Cheng Jiangang, and other personnel visited the show. Meanwhile, as members of the expert evaluation panel, they deeply explored the exhibition projects and made constructive suggestions and evaluations.


                Vice President of the OUC, Zhang Shaogang, and the first-prize winners.

Evaluation for each application consisted of two parts: evaluation by the expert panel and a vote from the entire audience on-site. According to the evaluation results, 10 projects from the OUC headquarters, Zhejiang RTVU, Shanghai RTVU, Hunan RTVU, and other locations were awarded first-place prizes, 23 projects from Gansu RTVU, Henan RTVU, and affiliates were awarded second-place prizes, and 24 items from the Inner Mongolia RTVU, Harbin RTVU, and other sites were awarded third-place prizes. At the same time, the show also awarded a "learning prize." By filling out a "learning card," visitors could participate in the on-site study and dialogue. Organizers then held a drawing, to select 100 "learning award" winners and recognized them at the show.

By Lu Feng, OUC