In May 2015, the Ministry of Education's 12th "Five-Year" vocational education national planned teaching materials book list was officially announced. Twenty-nine teaching books (covering four majors) declared by China Central Radio and TV University (CCRTVU, now the Open University of China, OUC) Press were selected for inclusion in the book list.

The examination and approval of the planned teaching materials were conducted according to MOE’s Opinions on the Construction of the 12th Five-Year Vocational Education Teaching Materials (Jiaozhicheng [2012] No.9), Notice on the Implementation of Topic Selection of Teaching Materials of Professional Skill Courses for Secondary Vocational Education (Jiaozhichengsihan [2012] No. 35) and Notice on the Implementation of Topic Selection of 12th Five-Year National Planned Vocational Education Teaching Materials (Jiaozhichengsihan [2012] No. 237). It was organized by the Ministry of Education. The first batch of secondary vocational planned teaching materials was selected after a series of procedures. First, the publisher made a declaration, then the experts held a meeting for reviewing the project; the publishers organized personnel to write (revise) teaching materials and then the experts held a meeting to approve the materials.

The four majors that CCRTVU (OUC) Press declared include logistics services and management, urban rail transit operation management, customer information service, and community public affairs management. The selected twenty-nine books for the secondary vocational education are featured with: being compiled in strict accordance with the Professional Teaching Standards for Secondary Vocational School (Trial); Inviting many vocational colleges teachers who have rich teaching and practical experience, many engineers or technical experts in the industry enterprises to serve as editor in chief or co-editors in compiling the teaching materials; unit contents organized based on modules and serial projects, fully embodying the idea of "learning by doing and teaching by doing" for vocational education; being guided by employment, integrating position capability and industry norms to reflect new knowledge, new technology, new techniques, new methods, and new patterns.

As the publication base of vocational education teaching materials under the Ministry of Education and the development and application base of vocational education digital resources, CCRTVU (OUC) Press has made another breakthrough in the construction of teaching materials for vocational education, as in 2014, the Press had 172 books of secondary vocational teaching materials included in the 12th "five-year" vocational education national planned materials.

                                                                                                       By CCRTVU (OUC) Press