The OUC School of Vocational Education and Training has been named “An Excellent Case for Innovation” by units under Ministry of Education for its project “The Establishment of a New Model for Vocational Education and Training, Integrating Production and Teaching According to the Needs of Enterprises”. The main content of the project is the “dual-certificate education”(vocational qualification and academic diploma) of staff from Foxconn Technology Group.

The project follows the “five-connection”requirement of modern vocational education, which represents connections between the establishment of the major and the needs of the industry; between curriculum content and vocational standards; between teaching and production; between graduation certification and vocational qualification certification; and between vocational education and lifelong learning. The OUC’s“Assistance Plan for the Cultivation and Development of New Industrial Workers”is carried out based on the need for human resources and job qualifications during the course of business transformation. Based on the credit bank system, the integration of production and teaching is furthered for pilot employment as part of the enterprise-tailored personnel cultivation model and mobile learning, and as part of the development model of the OUC enterprise school. 

Mr. Guo Taiming, President of Foxconn Technology Group, is cooperating with the OUC on the joint development of the “OUC Foxconn School”, in order to meet Foxconn’s strategic needs during the transition from manufacturing to science and technology services. The university-enterprise cooperation gives dual-certificate education to Foxconn staff by relying on the OUC’s credit bank system, advanced production equipment, and a full-fledged cultivation and training system for skilled workers. For the staff, “the work-learn-research integrated personnel training model” means “employment with schooling” and “working while learning”. Migrant workers are able to improve their job skills, and thus become skilled workers or even technicians. A new path for the vocational development of migrant workers is being explored, with the aim of training a large number of high quality workers with good skills, which will see the enterprise grow together with its staff. Foxconn has created complimentary encouragement mechanisms to link learning results and performance with the work performance assessment, promotion, and pay of the workers. According to Deputy Minister Yang Zhiming of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China (MOHRSS), this kind of university-enterprise cooperation, a personnel cultivation model that unifies“enterprises and schools, staff and students, and master workers and teachers” represents an innovative model allowing migrant workers to transform themselves during the course of industrialization and urbanization. It is a great deal for the staff, the enterprise, and the OUC. The project is fully accepted and supported by MOHRSS.

I. Major content

1. Customizing majors and training programmes to fit the needs of the enterprise.

In accordance with the needs of the enterprise, three majors –E-Business, Numerical Control Technology, and Electronic Information –are offered. The training programmes and curriculum system have been formulated with the help of the enterprise, based on the“five connections”, so as to promote the improvement of both job capacity and academic level. Students who meet the requirements of the training objectives graduate with a “dual certificate”.

2. Customizing courses and learning resources according to job qualifications and skill standards

The syllabuses and teaching implementation plans of 38 vocational core courses, extension courses, and general skill courses have been completed for the three majors. Additionally, audio-visual micro courses worth over 2,800 hours have been developed. Customized tablet computers for mobile learning, submitting assignments, and mobile testing are available for all users.

3. Organizing a full-time and part-time teaching team with “dual qualifications”

A tripartite teacher appraisal panel has been created, staffed by experts from the OUC, the National Human Resources Institute for Service Outsourcing of Tsinghua University, and Foxconn Technology Group. Teachers are selected and employed from universities, industries, and enterprises. A diverse teaching team made up of teachers, enterprise trainers, and engineers is responsible for the recording of micro courses, live face-to-face tutorials, and online question and answer sessions.