May 16, 2015 witnessed the successful completion of HSK and HSKK tests at the OUC HSK Test Centre sponsored by the Chinese Language Centre, the Open University of China. In addition, a total of eight levels were opened in May, including the levels of HSK 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and HSKK elementary, intermediate, and advanced, located in ten separate examination rooms. 161 test-takers from the OUC and other universities in Beijing took the examination, among which 78 persons sat for the HSKK test. 

To meet the demands of increasing numbers of HSKK test-takers, the OUC HSK test centre specifically added two computer classrooms, with the capacity to simultaneously test 135 students, as additional examination rooms to accommodate the growing number of examinees. In addition, the OUC HSK Test Centre also pays great attention to cultivating and developing exam invigilators, the need for which has doubled since the founding of the centre. What’s more, the OUC HSK Test Centre provides each test-taker enrolled at the Centre free access to MyEChinese New HSK online exercises and mock tests ( in order to familiarize them with the examination procedure and prepare well for the test so as to achieve a good result.

Before the test, a preparation and mobilization meeting was convened for the entire staff of the work committee to ensure the smooth implementation of the test procedures. All possible emergencies and related solutions were elaborated and arrangements were explained on the testing environment, regulations, and exam rooms etc.

Since the first HSK test at the OUC HSK Test Centre in May 2014, a total of nine tests were held there within one year, with the total test-takers amounting to 400 persons/times. A variety of publicity activities have been carried out by the examination work committee in the universities, high schools, and public places where foreign Chinese learners gather in order to give out guidance for the test and transportation as well as to hold lectures, provide on-site online HSK mock test, etc., all in the hope of raising the profile of the HSK test and helping ones to pass the examination.


                                                                                             By Zhang Xiangwen, the OUC