On April 10th, 2015, 100 computers donated by the Open University of China (OUC) arrived at Mangxin Town, Yingjisha County, where the resident village officers of Xinjiang RTVU work. This donation is part of the OUC’s extension counterpart support for Xinjiang RTVU.


                                 Villagers from Mangxin Town unloading the computers

                          Resident village officers unpacking and checking the computers

                               Resident village officers installing the bilingual software

Since the launch of the “visiting people, benefiting people’s livelihood, and winning people’s aspiration" campaign, Xinjiang RTVU reported to the OUC on the progress of the campaign in a timely manner and took the initiative to win support from the OUC. The OUC expressed its strong support for the campaign and incorporated the campaign into its counterpart support plan for Xinjiang RTVU, providing some practical assistance to the local people.

When the OUC learned that there is only one computer in the village where the Xingjiang RTVU working group was located, and that it wasn't even on-line, the OUC immediately decided to donate a batch of computers to the local village and resolve their internet accessibility issue. They quickly completed the screening, cleaning, hardware check, system test, and packaging for the computers, delivering 100 computers worth of over RMB 350,000 to Xinjiang.

Xinjiang RTVU has attached great importance to the good use of these computers. Niu Xiaobo, Party Secretary of Xinjiang RTVU, required that the resident local village working group work out a plan on how to manage and use this equipment by considering the local conditions. He hoped the working group would play an important role in working well with the local people, strengthening the grassroots organization construction, and “eliminating the extremity”. In particular, they should encourage the local villagers to learn and make use of modern information technology, spread modern cultural concepts, modern life style, modern civilization, help teenagers to become secular and modern, and arouse their true patriotic emotions for loving their home town and the country.

Xinjiang RTVU has already studied and approved the Plan on the Construction of Computer Network Library submitted by the resident village working group, and intends to invest nearly RMB 50,000 into Internet access and the purchase of chairs and desks as well as other equipment. The construction of the Computer Network  Library is due to be completed in mid-May. In order to make computer usage as convenient as possible for the villagers, the resident village working group is installing bilingual operating systems, bilingual software for all computers, and plans to conduct training for all the village cadres and some villagers in the near future, so as to help them grasp the basic skills needed for computer operation. The Computer Network Library is expected to be an important platform for conducting publicity education, technical skills training, and culture entertainment for the village, attracting more villagers to participate in modern cultural activities, and being more aware of equipping themselves with an understanding of modern science and technology and continuously enriching their spiritual and cultural life.

                                                                                                               By Xinjiang RTVU