In order to promote the practical implementation of the national "credit bank" system; expand the available channels for the application of the standard and the application of the learning outcomes; build a cooperation platform to serve different certification institutions; promote the accreditation and transfer of learning outcomes among different certification institutions, as well as the sharing and trading of high-quality resources; and improve the social recognition of the credit bank and its ability for serving society, the OUC Credit Bank Management Office held an alliance seminar on the mutual accreditation of learning outcomes in Beijing on March 26, 2015 and April 2, 2015 respectively. Yan Xiaoping, Executive Deputy Director of the OUC Credit Bank Management Office (Learning Outcomes Accreditation Centre) presided over the ceremony.

 Representatives from 10 certification institutions, including the China Adult Education Association, the MPS Information Classified Security Protection Evaluation Centre, the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP), the China Software Industry Association, APTECH, Chongqing University, the School of Online Education of Jiangnan University, Chongqing Radio and TV University, and China Central Radio and TV Specialized Secondary School jointly promoted the implementation of the credit bank along with relevant departments, including the OUC Credit Bank Management Office, the Department of Business Development and Educational Cooperation, the Academic Affairs Department, and the Department of External Education and Professional Training. The various bodies discussed the feasibility of building a platform for mutual accreditation of learning outcomes.

According to Vice President of the OUC and Director of the OUC Credit Bank Management Office Li Linshu, after more than two years of research and verification process, the basic construction of the credit bank is in the preliminary stages, forming a relatively clear path in terms of technology. The corresponding operational tools and information platform have also been developed, establishing the basis of an accreditation service system. The Department of Vocational and Adult Education under the Ministry of Education has already formally issued a notice entrusting the OUC to undertake the "Pilot Project for the Accreditation, Accumulation, and Transfer of Continuing Education Learning Outcomes". The work of the credit bank has already been fully implemented. The alliance for the mutual accreditation of learning outcomes is designed to meet the demands of relevant stakeholders, and is also an important measure to deal with the implementation of the system.

Deputy Director of the OUC Credit Bank Management Office, Ji Xin, introduced the background and significance of building an alliance for the mutual accreditation of learning outcomes.

The participants had an in-depth discussion on key issues including the position of the alliance, the organizational framework, and the operation. They agreed that building the alliance for mutual accreditation of learning outcomes is an important measure for the credit bank to focus on the practical demands and implementation of the credit bank. It is critical to have a clear position for the credit bank, and the building of alliance should not be limited only to the OUC level. It is easier to get together more superior partners of one mind by taking the construction and implementation of the national credit bank system as the common starting point.

                                                                                                      By Li Lingqun, the OUC