On 23 December 2014, the School of Automotive Engineering Learning Centre (Branch) Seminar of The Open University of China (OUC) was convened, with the first batch of eight learning centres being inaugurated at the meeting. 


Vice President of the OUC, Mr. Yan Bing, emphasized at the meeting that it was of great importance for the OUC to establish institutes to serve the industry and carry out the “Assistance Plan for Training and Developing New Industrial Workers” (hereinafter referred to as “Assistance Plan”) pilot project. Mr. Yan Bing also highlighted the requirements and hopes for the School of Automotive Engineering.

The OUC's School of Automotive Engineering took part in the pilot programme of the “Assistance Plan” in the autumn of 2014. The first batch of eight learning centres was set up at that time. Among those industrial schools participating in the plan's pilot programme, the School of Automotive Engineering had the highest enrollment. The Automobile and Motorcycle Learning Centre of Dezhou in Shandong Province enrolled 601 students, ranking in second place among those participating schools. The Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Technology specialty enrolled 1,874 students, which accounted for 28.24% of the plan's total enrollment number of 6,635, and ranked first among the 27 specialties that participated in the programme.

Mr. Yan Xiaoping, the Director of the OUC Credit Bank Management Office, was then invited to expound on and exchange views related to the Credit Bank and learning outcomes accreditation. Advanced groups and individuals from the autumn 2014 semester received awards at the meeting and were able to relate their experiences. Training was also organized for recruiters, teaching staff, and educational administrators.

A total of 49 people, including Mr. Kuang Guiqiu, Director of the OUC Academic Affairs Department, Mr. Guo Hong, Director of the Pilot Office of the “Assistance Plan”, Mr. Wu Tianren, Honorary Dean of the School of Automotive Engineering , Mr. Shen Chongming, Honorary Dean (also President of China Automotive Culture Promotion Association, CACPA), Mr. Xiong Xianshu, Dean of the School of Automotive Engineering , Deputy Dean Mr. Shi Tiejun, Mr. Zhang Jingwei, and Mr. Yang Chen, Learning Centre (Branch) supervisors and department heads, along with the representatives from China Automotive Maintenance Industry Association (CAMIA), CACPA, Daimler-Benz Auto Company, Bosch Automobile Testing Equipment (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., and Fujian Tonghai Automobile Group, attended the seminar. Deputy Dean of the School of Automotive Engineering Mr. Zhang Jingwei (General Secretary of CAMIA), Deputy Dean Mr. Yang Chen (Standing Deputy President of CACPA), and Senior Project Manager of Great China Region of Daimler Group, Mr. Wang Liang expressed the growing demand for skills training at different levels of the automotive industry on behalf of the interested parties. They said that they were willing to cooperate closely with the OUC's School of Automotive Engineering to jointly train the different types of skilled workers that are urgently needed, especially highly-skilled automotive industry workers.

                                                                                                    By Tian Xiaomei