On April 24, the OUC Children Media (Beijing) Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., funded by the Open University of China (OUC) Press Co., Ltd., inaugural ceremony was held in the Wukesong Publishing Building. 

The OUC Children Media Co., Ltd, an important component of the OUC Publishing and Media Group, and is about to begin beneficial exploration in publishing social books, especially children’s books, and the production and sale of their derivatives by utilizing the OUC’s advantages. The OUC Children Media Co., Ltd. is the new endeavor of entering into the publishing of children’s books by the OUC Press and also the result of adapting to the general layout of the enormous and prosperous development of national culture, serious analysis of the development situation of every sector in the domestic publishing industry in the past three years, and consideration of the country’s second child policy. The OUC Children Media Co., Ltd. will focus on the production of the stories that will reach children’s hearts. One of the responsibilities of the newly inaugurated company is the pursuit of multiple forms of the story presentation. It will try hard to let children live and grow up happy, and gradually set this target as the main aspiration of the company. Its aim is to strive to become a splendid oasis in landscape of the Chinese publishing industry in the near future. 

Liu Chen, the Vice President of the OUC, the General Manager of the Publishing and Media Group, and the President of the OUC Press, delivered a speech during the inaugural ceremony. Zhou Yongsheng, the Party Secretary of the Publishing and Media Group, Ren Yan, the Editor-in-chief of the Publishing and Media Group, and leaders of the Publishing House and other related staff attended the ceremony.

By Guo Hao, the OUC